Q?What Google Adwords is?

The easier way to answer that question , is, that Google AdWords is Google ‘s advertising program .

This program allows you to create simple , effective ads and display them to users searching at Internet for information related to your business or product.

But how to reach the audience that is really interested ? The answer is based on ” keyword” advertising.

Let’s use an example :

John is looking at Google : ” good beginner guitars ” .

As a result , Google will show you all the pages that are related to this, such as tips for buying a guitar or websites for people who are new to the music.

But at the same time, Google will show John , AdWords ads that are most relevant to his search .Those ads that contain the most similar or exact to what John is looking for.

But this, how it benefits you ?

If John finds your ad saying ” sell good beginner guitars ” , you will have more chance to be the chosen customer of John. And with increased sales opportunities, better results for your business!